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Live & Local for our community.

Logan - Saturdays 6a-10a


Born and raised in Northeast Michigan, Logan is a true Up North resident. In 2018 he moved back to his hometown of Harrisville and enjoys kayaking and hiking the many rivers and trails the area has to offer. He loves his cats and spending time with friends and family.

Melanie Labaza - Saturdays 10a-2p

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Melanie was raised by Air Force parents but has lived in Michigan most of her life.  She moved back up north following the birth of her oldest son. Melanie wears many hats including library clerk, bartender, chicken farmer, volunteer at the Alcona Music Project, and homeschooling mom to 2 boys.

When there’s spare time she enjoys kayaking, hiking, riding bikes with her boys, watering her many houseplants, and cooking.

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