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Live & Local for our community.


Jack O'Malley - Afternoons 2p-7p

Jack is a born and raised Michiganian. Growing up in Detroit, moving to Sullivan Indiana for his first paid radio job. WNDI Sullivan, “The voice of the Wabash Valley”. (Believe it or not Jack interned with Howard Stern when he worked at W4 in Detroit).  Moving to several stations which is typical in radio. He settled in at WTCM Traverse City where he spent almost 35 years doing the Morning show and being part of the Midwestern Broadcasting Family. Then in an effort to continue serving his state, Jack ran for State Representative and WON. Representing the 101st district.

Now back in radio, Jack says he’s happy to be on the sunrise side. “The small town, friendly nature of the region is very appealing.” Jack says afternoons are a fine fit, “no more 3am wake up calls”!


Jack is a sports fan, but says his irrational love affair with the Detroit Tigers is his #1.


Jack's Show Features:

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