Deals, Deals, Deals--on Trademart!


9:30 AM ON 99.3 WATZ AND 96.7 WRGZ

Items for TradeMart must be on a TradeMart card. Please pick up a card at one of our fine sponsors!



Alpena Glass                                                 

Beavers Automotive & Radiator Repair      

Del’s Furniture  Refinishing & Repair         

Freese Hydraulics and Equipment Repairs   

Larry's Collision and Truck Stuff

Propane Plus

MI Stop Citgo Fueling Station & Deli

Wolverine State Credit Union



Abend Brothers Collision                            

Francis Sunoco   



K&T Party Store of Herron  



Bernard Building Center in Hillman and Hale                                   



Rygwelski’s IGA                                       

Sunrise Gardens & Grains 


Double L Tack in Tower                                      

Grind Ding Shop in Herron

Hobart's Furniture of Oscoda                      

Trade Mart Advertising Policies and Guidelines

The WATZ Trade Mart program is offered as a service to the public free of charge for the purpose of selling, buying or giving away an item on a ONE-TIME basis.  Due to the overwhelming volume of cards received, it is important to note the following guidelines and policies for successful use of the program.

Always print clearly.  Be sure to give phone number and/or address.  Double check accuracy of prices and phone numbers.

Due to time constraints and volume of cards received please limit your card to 2 – 3 items and maximum of 1 card per household every 2 weeks.

WATZ reserves the right to edit and or delete cards to accommodate time constraints and eligibility for the program.  Every effort is made to “carry over” unaired cards when time is a problem.

WATZ will not knowingly broadcast false or misleading information in connection with the Trade Mart program.

There are several items and situations that are not eligible for Trade Mart advertising, including, but not limited to:

  • Items and/or services which are made, manufactured, grown, or repaired for the expressed purpose of selling to the public in an ongoing, seasonal or semi-seasonal nature.  This is considered a business and not eligible for Trade Mart.

  • Services including babysitting, child care, lawn maintenance, snow removal, home health care, handyman, etc. whether for sale or wanted is considered business advertising and not eligible for Trade Mart.

  • Breeders of animals.  Those who breed animals for the purpose of selling the offspring are considered a business and not eligible for Trade Mart advertising.

  • Produce for human consumption including fruits and vegetables

  • Slaughtered or butchered animals of any kind including beef, pork, poultry, rabbits, etc.  

  • Eggs for consumption

  • Produce for deer feed including carrots, beets, mangles, apples, corn, pumpkins, etc.

  • Flowers and plants including cut, dried, dug, bulbs and seeds.

  • Handguns of any kind.


Please utilize other forms of advertising such as newspaper classifieds and internet opportunities along with Trade Mart to gain the most possible exposure and ultimate success for your effort. 

Please remember that Trade Mart is a chance for a free advertisement, but the program is not a “free-for-all”.  Use of the service is a privilege… not a right. Please do not abuse the privilege of Trade Mart advertising so that we may continue to make the program available.

Policy Updated 10/15/98