Alpena Road Commission Approves More Speed Limit Changes
Mon, 05 Mar 2018 06:09:16 EST

Members of the Alpena County Road Commission recently approved more speed limit changes on county roads.

The newest target area is on Hubbard Lake Road... where speed limits of 45 and 35 beginning near Ratz Road will be changed to 45 for a mile plus stretch.

Speed limit increase discussion for some county roads originally started in September of 2016. State Police traffic studies revealed that in most cases, motorists were operating well above the posted limits in areas questioned. As part of the process to adjust speeds, Michigan State Police have to approve of an increase after conducting a traffic study.

While 45 will be the reduced limit, don't jump the gun. Changes are not effective until posted, and police know that motorists tend to travel at slightly less than 50 despite lower speeds being posted... thus the consideration for the increase on one portion.

In recent years, speed limits on a portion of Long Rapids Road immediately west of Bagley street were increased to 45 Miles per hour, and up to 55 beyond Bernice Lane.

On French Road, a 35 mile per hour limit was increased to 45 between US-23 and Hamilton Road, and 55 miles per hour afterward.


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