Commissioners Meet with Huron Humane Society over Financial Issues
Tue, 27 Feb 2018 06:05:48 EST

After questioning financial accounting practices of the Huron Humane Society, an Alpena County Commissioner is satisfied at this point about future actions by the group.

Calling finances and actions described within society meeting minutes "Red Flags", Commissioner John Kozlowski said he was concerned over the society financial well being. He felt there was a responsibility to properly allocate over 14 hundred dollars a month the county provides, and financial reporting requirements are not being adhered to as required.

Following a meeting Friday, Kozlowski says "Overall, I think it went well and I'll continue to follow up with them", and noted that given recent controversy, it was a good idea to take a look at the issues.

In the past year, there has been nearly a full turnover of the society board and new officers are continuing to examine the agencies financial status. Kozlowski noting that the group plans an audit and while all groups with similar contracts with the county do not - and the society has not - furnish financial records as required, the society will do so in the future, along with meeting minutes.

Society member Cindy Johnson had previously observed that while the society was in the red, it's now in the black, having the best financial success ever. "We are trying to be as transparent as we can", she said.

Kozlowski says he did not plan to bring the issue up at the commissioners full board meeting today (27).

Alpena County Commissioner John Kozlowski


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