PIC Budget - Nearly Identical to Last Year
Tue, 27 Feb 2018 06:04:20 EST

By all appearances, the Presque Isle County Budget seems to be nearly identical to last year.

Reporting figures for the month ending in January, Treasurer Bridget LaLonde said the difference between the two years at the same time was only about 3-thousand ($3,000.00) dollars.

January tax collections were over 77 thousand dollars ($77,314.15), and totaled over 3-point 4 million ($3,477,916.49).

Income for the month was over 1-hundred 13 thousand ($113,625.53) and 4-point 4 million ($4,482,515.00)

Expenses were 3-hundred 48 thousand for the month ($348,820.70) totaling 3-point 1 million for the year ($3,170,611.88).

Change in fund equity in the general fund was over 1-point 3 million ($1,311,903.12 ), with 2-point 3 million in checking ($2,360,027.37) and over 12 hundred in savings ($1,248.16).

LaLonde also outlined a series of important dates for property owners, as some properties may go into foreclosure for unpaid taxes, while others will start to see much higher interest and penalties applied at the end of the month and March 1st.

Presque Isle County Treasurer Bridget LaLonde talks to commissioners at a previous session.


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