Saturday Morning State News Summary
Sat, 06 Oct 2012 03:43:04 EDT
(MI-Tainted Steroid Medication-UPDATE)
State health officials have confirmed six cases of a rare kind of meningitis
linked to a recalled steroid medication given to people who get injections for
back pain.
Department of Community Health spokeswoman Angela Minicuci says the tainted drug
was shipped to four facilities in Michigan and officials say they working with
the clinics to contact patients as this is a developing investigation and the
number of cases is expected to increase.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Food and Drug Administration and
state health departments including Michigan are coordinating the multi-state
investigation of cases of fungal meningitis and strokes among patients who
received epidural steroid injections after July 1.
Infected patients have a variety of symptoms including fever, new or worsening
headache, nausea, and other symptoms consistent with a stroke approximately one
to four weeks following their injection.
The four facilities in Michigan that received a shipment of the medication
involved in the investigation are Michigan Neurosurgical Institute in Grand
Blanc, Michigan Pain Specialists in Brighton, Neuromuscular & Rehabilitation in
Traverse City and Southeast Michigan Surgical Hospital in Warren.
Minicuci says the occurrence of cases in Michigan underscores the critical
objective that every effort be made to assure patient and clinician awareness of
this situation to facilitate earlier identification and treatment.
As of Friday, 49 cases and five deaths have been reported from six states.

(Mi-2012 Archery Season)
It's the first weekend of the 2012 Archery Deer Season in Michigan and State
Natural Resources officials are expecting a lot of safe participation.
State Department of Natural Resources Research Specialist, Brent Rudolph,
expects 30-percent of 320-thousand archers to bag a deer.
Rudolph says it comes without a threat of injuries from the hunt itself, since
the targets are at such a close range. He says the biggest danger from archery
hunting are from hunters falling out of tree stands while in the woods, not from
the act of hunting itself.
Rudolph says the statewide deer herd remains strong, although the number of deer
in Southern Michigan has stablized in the past five to seven years. He says the
deer herd continues to grow in the Northern Lower and Upper Penisulas because of
mild winters the past few years.
Archery season runs through November 15th, then starts again on December 1st,
following the annual Firearms deer season, through the end of the year.

(MI-Lottery Record)
Michigan Lottery officials say they've just closed the book on a record year,
generating approximately $770 million in profit that was deposited directly into
the School Aid Fund which supports K-12 public education.
The previous record of $748.9 million was in the 2007 fiscal year. The School
Aid Fund gets about 32-cents for every dollar of ticket sales.
The Lottery also saw its best sales year ever of about $2.41 (B) billion in
fiscal year 2012, which closed September 30. The previous record of $2.37
billion was set in FY 2009. Officials say Powerball, instant games and Club
Keno experienced the most sales growth.
The record amounts are preliminary until a final audit is completed.
Lottery Commissioner M. Scott Bowen says profit and sales were bolstered by
Lapeer resident Donald Lawsons $337 million Powerball win August 31. In the
weeks following Lawsons win and news conference, Powerball sales jumped over 11
percent, resulting in an extra $400,000-plus for the School Aid Fund.
Retailers were also big winners, earning approximately $172 million in
Since its inception in 1972, the Lottery has contributed more than $17 billion
to education in Michigan.

(MI-Don't Veer for Deer)
As the weather gets cooler and chances of hitting a deer go up, Michigan
motorists are being reminded not to veer for deer.
The Michigan Deer Crash Coalition says the two most dangerous months for
vehicle/deer crashes are October and November.
But it says most crashes can be avoided if you drive cautiously, and if you do
find a deer in the path of your car, do not veer to avoid it. Coalition
spokeswoman, Lori Conarton, says most injuries and deaths occur when people
swerve to avoid a deer and end up hitting a tree or hitting another car.
In Michigan in 2011, there were over 53-thousand vehicle-deer collisions, which
resulted in eight deaths. that's down from nearly 56-thousand crashes reported
in 2010.

(MI-Escape Probe)
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has begun a preliminary
investigation into 1.6 million Ford Escape SUVs from the 2005 to 2012 model
This comes after reports of the SUVs stalling or surging. Right now, government
investigators will focus on the throttles in the small SUVs.
The North Carolina Consumers Council has requested an investigation, after
receiving complaints about the problem, and reporting that Ford has sent a
number of service bulletins to dealers about hesitation and stalling.
No accidents or injuries have been reported.
If the government finds an issue, they could launch a more formal investigation,
or even order a recall. Ford is cooperating with investigators.
The all new 2013 Escape is not involved in this investigation. Although that
vehicle has already been recalled for unrelated issues.
(Jeff Gilbert, WWJ, Detroit)

(Detroit-Burglary Suspects Caught)
Two men wanted in connection with a string of burglaries in Saginaw County are
now behind bars. The pair were apprehended Thursday by U.S. Customs and Border
Protection officers at the Detroit Canada Tunnel.
Customs officials say the two 18-year olds were refused entry into Canada and
upon their to the return to the U.S. their vehicle was pulled aside for further
inspection. Secondary checks of national databases along with fingerprints
showed multiple charges for one of the men, including dangerous drugs,
controlled substance, burglary, larceny and a home invasion conviction.
That prompted a search of the vehicle which turned up articles such as lock
boxes, jewelry, electronics and personal documents not belonging to either
individual. The Saginaw County Sheriffs office confirmed the items were linked
to burglary reports in the area over the last few days.
The two men, the vehicle and all its contents were turned over to the Bridgeport
Township Police Department, which is handling the investigations of the
burglaries. Both are currently being held at the Saginaw County Jail.

(MSU-Genes-Thin Women)
A study led by Michigan State University researchers has found that in many
cases a woman's desire to be thin may be triggered by genetics.
The authors of the study concluded that in approximately 40-percent of the cases
the desire to be thin may be explained by certain genes. However, Jessica
Suisman, a researcher in MSUs Department of Psychology, says what remains
unknown is what those underlying genetics are. She adds that there may be a
small effect from several different genes.
Research suggests that genetics play a role in certain personality factors, such
as whether a person is a perfectionist. The same genes may also make a woman
susceptible to the thin-ideal.
The study, funded by the National Institute of Mental Health, appears in the
International Journal of Eating Disorders.

(Detroit-Godbee Alleged Affair Probe)
Detroit Mayor Dave Bing's office says he is going to head an investigation into
the Police Chief's alleged affair. The statement came out Friday, a day after
the Detroit Board of Police Commissioners in a letter asked Bing to clarify who
would handle the matter.
Ralph Godbee was put on a 30-day paid suspension while officials investigate
claims he had an affair with Internal Affairs Officer Angelica Robinson.
A high-ranking police source told the "Detroit News" Godbee is planning to
resign though Godbee didn't comment on the issue.
(Metro Source)

(Bay Co-Dow Corning Investment)
Dow Corning has announced plans for further investment into a manufacturing site
at their Bay County headquarters.
President and chief executive officer Robert Hansen told the Bay Area Chamber of
Commerce Thursday that the company pump $117 million into operations at the
Williams Township site. 73 jobs will be created as part of the investment which
will take place through 2015.
The work will increase advanced manufacturing capacity, expanded research and
development capability and pay for infrastructure improvements at the site. The
facility employs 270 people.
Dow Corning makes and offers more than 7,000 silicon and silicone-based products
for the electronics, health care, solar, beauty and construction industries,
among many others.
(Help from: WSGW, Saginaw)

(Birmingham-Kevorkian Paintings)
A legal dispute over the ownership of artwork by Jack Kevorkian has been settled
outside of court.
According to Attorney Mayer Morganroth, the executor of Kevorkian's estate, four
paintings will be kept at the Armenian Library and Museum in Massachusetts and
13-paintings will be returned to Kevorkian's estate.
The paintings have been valued at more than two-million dollars. Morganroth
filed a lawsuit last year seeking the return of the 17 paintings by the late
Kevorkian, who died in June of 2011, entrusted the paintings to the museum in
1999 before he was sentenced to prison for his role in an assisted-suicide.
(Metro Source)

(Wixom-Plant Demolition)
Demolition is underway at Ford Motor Company's Wixom assembly plant, and the
Dearborn-based automaker says it hopes to sell part of the site soon. The
317-acre property has been vacant since the plant closed in 2007.
Ford spokeswoman Becky Sanch says the goal is to sell the entire site, but the
automaker will keep 32 acres of the property that had been used as a landfill
when the plant was open.
(Metro Source)

(Fri Lottery)
There were no winning tickets in Friday's Mega Millions lottery drawing.
The numbers from the Mega Millions drawing Friday were: 08, 09, 16, 32, and 39.
The Gold ball was 15.   The Megaplier: 3x.
That means Tuesday's Mega Millions jackpot will be worth $45 (m) million
The winning numbers for the Midday 3 lottery on Friday were: 1-4-2.
The winning numbers for the Midday 4 lottery were: 8-8-5-1.
The winning numbers for the Evening 3 lottery were: 0-5-1.
The winning numbers for the Evening 4 lottery were:   5-5-3-1.
The winning numbers for the Fantasy 5 lottery were: 02-07-16-21-37.
The winning numbers for the Keno lottery were: 02, 04, 06, 07, 08, 17, 19, 22,
32, 41, 47, 50, 60, 61, 64, 67, 69, 72, 74, 76, 78, 80.
Tonight's (Sat) Classic Lotto jackpot is projected to be one (m) million
Tonight's Powerball jackpot is worth $40 (M) million dollars.

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