Tuesday Morning State News Summary
Tue, 02 Oct 2012 01:47:38 EDT
(Mi-2012 Archery Season)
The first major deer hunting season of the year got underway on Monday in
The State Department of Natural Resources expects more than 320-thousand archery
hunters to take to the woods during October, early November and December, as
part of the 2012 archery season. D-N-R Wildlife Research Specialist, Brent
Rudolph, expects the hunt to equal last year, with about 30-percent of all
archers taking at least one animal, if not more.
Rudolph says while there has been concern over the insect-borne disease, E-H-D,
which kills deer it has no affect on humans or pets...but could affect deer
populations in infected areas. Since July, outbreaks of the viral disease has
been confirmed in 24 Michigan counties, but again there is no threat to human or
pet health from it.
Archery season runs through November 15th in Michigan, then picks back up
December 1st following the annual Firearms Deer Season.

(MI-Paul Ryan Visit)
Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan is set make an appearance in
Michigan next week.
There were few details about the visit, but a campaign official says Ryan will
make a campaign stop October 8th, most likely in southeastern Michigan.
The Wisconsin congressman's last visit to the state was on August 24th, when he
attended a campaign rally with presidential candidate Mitt Romney in Commerce
Romney continues to trail president Barack Obama in the polls in Michigan.

(Capitol-Violent Repeat Offenders)
Governor Rick Snyder has signed the Violent Offense-Fourth Felony (VO-4)
legislation, requiring a mandatory minimum sentence of 25 years in prison for
violent repeat offenders. The measure is part of Attorney General Bill Schuettes
public safety and crime prevention initiative.
Snyder says holding chronic offenders accountable will keep communities safe,
bring peace of mind to victims and their families, and help Michigan reach its
full potential.
Under the bill, sponsored by Republican Senator Rick Jones of Grand Ledge, those
who have committed four felonies while progressing to more violent crimes like
attempted murder, assault with the intent to commit murder, criminal sexual
conduct, carjacking or kidnapping are subject to the stricter penalty.

(Capitol-Supplemental Budget)
Governor Rick Snyder has signed $36.1 million in supplemental appropriations for
the 2013 budget.
Among several projects that were added to the spending plan are $17.6 million
for security system upgrades, including camera and recording systems, personal
protection systems, electronic detection systems, and perimeter security devices
in correctional facilities.
Another $15 million will go to the Agricultural Loan Origination Program, which
provides financial assistance to farmers struggling with crop damage and $2.9
million will restore funding for the Healthy Homes program, which provides
grants to contractors and local organizations for lead abatement.
The governor signed the original $48.5 (B) billion budget in June. That was up
1.25 percent from $47.9 billion last fiscal year.

(MI-Prez Poll)
As President Barack Obama and Republican contender Mitt Romney prepare to battle
it out in the debate ring, the most recent poll shows Obama is pulling no
punches in his lead over Romney in Michigan.
The newest EPIC/MRA poll shows Obama with a 47 to 37 percent margin over Romney.
The GOP candidate has lost five percentage points in the state since the
previous poll, and pollster Bernie Porn thinks the drop can directly be
attributed to Romneys remark about the 47 percent of Americans who would rather
rely on government handouts than take care of themselves.
Porn says he thinks the impact of the comment was profound, and he thinks most
people may well consider it a revealing comment more than thinking that it was
an invasion of his privacy in comments before fundraisers.
Porn says if Obama maintains his current lead in Michigan and other battleground
states, he will have more than enough votes to easily win the electoral college.
(WWJ, Detroit)

(Roseville-Hoffa Dig)
The mystery continues, at least for another day, in the cold case mystery of
missing Teamsters boss Jimmy Hoffa.
Roseville police got a tip that Hoffa may be buried underneath the driveway of a
home once owned by an alleged bookmaker with ties to the Mafia. Authorities
used ground penetrating sonar, and found an unidentifiable object, which led
them to drill through the concrete and take soil samples.
The samples are being analyzed by a Michigan State University forensic
anthropologist. The results are expected today (Tuesday).
If human decomposition is found in the samples, authorities say they will meet
with the FBI, Michigan State Police and Michigan State University to decide
their next move. Roseville police Chief James Berlin says, it would most likely
involve an excavation of the area.
Hoffa vanished from a Bloomfield Hills restaurant parking lot in July 1975.
(Metro source)

(MI-Healthy Kids Dental Expansion)
State Health officials say Healthy Kids Dental will now reach an additional
94,000 kids in need of dental care within the state.
The program is a public-private partnership between the Michigan Department of
Community Health and Delta Dental of Michigan.
A $16.6 million budget increase approved by Governor Rick Snyder and state
lawmakers earlier this year allowed the program to expand into 10 more counties.
Officials say Healthy Kids Dental now serves 440,000 children in 75 of
Michigans 83 counties. Counties impacted by the expansion include Bay, Berrien,
Calhoun, Cass, Grand Traverse, Jackson, Mecosta, Montcalm, Osceola, and Wexford.
Medicaid eligible children and young adults under the age of 21 who reside in
these counties will be enrolled automatically in the program allowing increased
access to dentists through the Delta Dental network.
Currently 80 percent of the dentists throughout the state participate in Healthy
Kids Dental.

(East Lansing-MSU Prof Outburst)
A Michigan State University professor was hospitalized yesterday (Monday) after
an unusual outburst at a campus building.
MSU police say Ingham County 911 dispatchers were called about a man yelling and
screaming in the Engineering Building's hallway just after 1:00 p.m. MSU police
responded and took the man into custody and transported him to a local hospital.
No one was injured in the incident and no charges were filed against the
professor, whose name was not released.
Shortly after the incident, users of social media websites began posting that
the professor had stripped naked in front of his class then walked through the
hallways of the Engineering Building screaming profanities and something about
MSU is offering counseling to students who where in the professor's class.

(MI-Gas Prices)
Gas prices in Michigan dipped just over two cents a gallon this week, following
last weeks nearly 11-cent decline.
However, according to Triple-A Michigan, the current statewide average of nearly
three-dollars-88 cents per gallon is almost 50 cents more than last year.
Triple-A reports that the lowest average price among the cities it surveys, was
found in the Lansing/East Lansing area at slightly more than three-dollars-83
cents per gallon. The highest price was in Ann Arbor at just under
three-dollars-92 cents.
Dearborn-based 'Triple A Michigan' surveys two-thousand-800 Michigan gas
stations daily.


Among Michigan's major metropolitan areas, three-dollars-83-point-four cents in
Lansing/East Lansing, three-dollars-83-point-seven cents in Flint,
three-dollars-85 cents in Traverse City, three-dollars-85-point-one cents in
Marquette, three-dollars-84-point-two cents in Grand Rapids/Muskegon,
three-dollars-85-point-seven cents in Benton Harbor, three-dollars-86-point-two
cents in Jackson, three-dollars-87-point-two cents in metro Detroit,
three-dollars-87-point-three cents in Saginaw/Bay City and a statewide high of
three-dollars-91-point-nine cents in Ann Arbor.

(Detroit-Water Workers Strike-UPDATE)
A federal judge Monday ordered striking Detroit Water and Sewerage Department
workers to return to work for the sake of public health and safety.
The temporary restraining order issued by U.S. District Court Judge Sean F. Cox
comes after workers from the Detroit waste water treatment plant walked off the
job Sunday in protest of proposed cuts to their workforce.
The approximately 950 members of the American Federation of State, County and
Municipal Employees Local 207 are fighting proposed cuts in the workforce by
over 80-percent, a ten-percent pay cut and concession in pensions and health
City officials say the work stoppage is illegal and some workers face
The judge has ordered both sides to appear in federal court at 10 a.m. on
October 11 to answer the department's motion and to show cause why the court
should not issue the injunction.
(Metro Source)

(Oakland Co-Mikes Trial)
A 21-year-old Troy man will stand trial for the beating death of his father.
An Oakland County judge Monday ruled there is enough evidence for Patrick Mikes
Jr. to face a jury on an open murder charge.
In the preliminary examination, the prosecution presented blood evidence taken
from the basement of the family's home in July after 55-year old Patrick Mikes
Sr. was reported missing. His body was found a few days later in a field near
Montrose Township in Genesee County.
A trial date for the younger Mikes was not immediately set. he faces life in
prison if convicted.

(SCOTUS-TSA Screenings)
The U.S. Supreme Court will not hear a case challenging the use of full-body
scanners and thorough pat-downs at airports.
The court declined to take up the complaint of a Michigan blogger who feels the
TSA's use of the screening procedures violates passengers' Fourth Amendment
rights against illegal searches.
The TSA has been using the scanners since 2010.
Critics of the technology fear it may emit too much radiation and that the
practice of enhanced pat-downs for passengers refusing to go through the scanner
is too invasive.
A lower court earlier rejected the case, saying it did not have jurisdiction to
review a TSA order.
(Metro Source)

(MI-Diabetes Funding)
Michigan's funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention fell more
than 10-percent from Fiscal Year (FY) 2010 to 2011, according to a new report.
The National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) report shows that
Michigan's funding went from $947,905 in FY 2010 to $850,232 in FY 2011, a 10.3
percent decline.
Mirs News reports the decline is part of a national trend of CDC spending on
diabetes grants, which slipped 13.2 percent during that time.
The reduction in funding comes at a time when the cost of treating diabetes
continues to rise. According to the CDC National Diabetes Fact Sheet, the direct
medical cost of diabetes in the U.S., including pre-diabetes and undiagnosed
diabetes, totaled $116 billion in 2007.

(Van Buren Co-Palisades Leak Probe)
There remains some head scratching at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission over how
a leak formed in a control rod drive mechanism at the Palisades nuclear power
plant in Southwest Michigan this summer.
Jack Giessner of the NRC says a leak eleven years ago prompted a complete
overhaul of that equipment and they are still working on their official report
into the leak. He said during the entire time of the issue, between seven and
10-thousand gallons of fluid leaked out, but remained in the equipment housing
and was not released.
The mechanisms control the reactors at the plant in Van Buren County's Covert
Township. The full NRC report is due out later this month.
(Mike Arney, WSJM, St. Joseph/Benton Harbor)

(Muskegon Co-Prison Employees Return)
Michigan Department of Corrections employees have started staffing the Muskegon
Correctional Facility again.
The facility has not held Michigan prisoners since 2009. From 2010 to early
last year, it housed prisoners from Pennsylvania.
Department of Corrections spokesman John Cordell says the state is piloting a
12-hour shift for custody staff as part of the re-opening. Prisoners will start
arriving next week, from other prisons.
According to Cordell, the Ryan Correctional Facility is going to be re-purposed
as the Detroit Re-Entry Center, so many of those prisoners could be moved to the
Muskegon facility.
Cordell said many of the returning employees have been working at other
facilities in Muskegon and Ionia.
(Greg Ghering, WOOD, Grand Rapids)

(Delta Co-Snowmobile Assault)
An Upper Peninsula man will go to trial later this year for running down an ice
fisherman last winter.
27-year old Douglas Barbeau of Garden faces charges of assault with intent to do
great bodily harm less than murder and failure to stop at the scene of an
accident causing serious impairment or death in Delta County Circuit Court.
He is accused of purposely running his snowmobile into 21-year old Parker
Bambenek of Marquette, while he was ice fishing on Garden Bay on January 28.
Bambenek suffered two broken legs in the incident.
Barbeau is scheduled for trial in Delta County Circuit Court on December 18. He
faces up to 10 years in prison.

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