Friday Morning State News Summary
Thu, 16 Jan 2014 23:31:38 EST

(Capitol-SOS 2014)
Governor Rick Snyder delivered his fourth State of the State Address last night
(Thursday) before a joint session of the House and Senate.
During his message, the governor talked about the state's budget surplus and how
there could be some sort of tax relief. While he was not specific in what form
that tax relief would come in, he did say he wants to ease the tax burden on the
(quote) "hard working folk."
Snyder also used the opportunity to highlight some successes and boast that
Michigan is the "comeback state." Among those accomplishments the governor cited
improved job growth, increased home sales and prices, and two consecutive years
of population growth.
He also cited a recent report that says Michigan led the nation in increased
spending on early childhood education and called for more spending on early
education to make Michigan (quote) "a no wait state" for early childhood
education. He also noted that K-12 per pupil funding has increased $660 dollars
over the past three years.
The governor also said he would like to encourage legal immigration into the
state and that he would issue an executive order to create the Office for New
Americans that would offer immigration services.
Snyder also echoed last year's call that lawmakers find more funding to repair
the state's ailing roads.

(Capitol-SOS React)
Governor Rick Snyder says some of Michigan's projected near billion-dollar
surplus should be used to provide tax relief to the (quote) "hard working folk,"
but Democrats say the surplus should be returned to those that paid for it.
During the State of the State Address, delivered last night (Thursday), Governor
Snyder said the state must be responsible with the surplus money and indicated
that some should be placed in the Rainy Day Fund, some should go toward early
education, and that there could be some sort of tax relief.
But Senate Minority Leader Gretchen Whitmer says the surplus is the result of
taxing pensioners, and taking money from education and from the earned income
tax credit. She says she would like to see that money used to rebate seniors and
for more investment in education.
Democrats also disagreed with the governor's assessment that k-12 per pupil
funding increased $660 since he's taken office.
House Minority Leader Tim Greimel says the state did put a lot of money into
school employee retirement funds, but, he says, that does nothing to improve
education. Greimel says more money needs to be invested in the classroom where
it improves the quality of student education and reduces class size.

(Report-MI Emergency Care)
A new report from emergency doctors says government support for emergency care
went from bad to worse in Michigan between 2009 and today.
The report was released by the American College of Emergency Physicians.
Michigan ranked 43rd in the country in 2009 and dropped to 46th place in this
year's report. Michigan received an overall grade of D.
The state did show improvements in the category of Quality and Patient Safety,
but received a failing grade in the category of Access to Emergency Care.
The report says that while the state has high per capita rates of emergency
physicians, it has below average rates of specialists, such as orthopedists and
hand surgeons; plastic surgeons; and ear, nose, and throat specialists.
In addition, Michigan lacks an adequate supply of psychiatric beds.
As a result, the physicians recommend more medical specialists in the state.
They also recommend reinstating the requirement that all motorcycle riders wear
a helmet.

(Roscommon Co-Fatal Standoff)
An elderly Northern Michigan man was shot and killed in a standoff with police
early Thursday.
According to multiple reports, 75-year old Bernard Adams got into an argument
with several people at a home in Roscommon Township near Houghton Lake.
Police say the incident stemmed from a domestic assault that happened late
Wednesday night.
Roscommon County Sheriff's Deputies surrounded the home and were able to get two
people out of the house safely. Adams later confronted police armed with a
handgun, when he refused to put down his weapon shots were fired.
Adams went back inside the house, where he was found dead.
The shooting is under investigation.

(MI-Potholes Return)
It's not spring yet, but a mid-January warm-up brought with it a bumper crop of
potholes across Michigan.
The Michigan Department of Transportation says if you spot a pothole on any
state roads, you can report it to M-DOT's Pothole Hotline. The roads are those
with an I-, US- or M-route designation.
State Transportation Director Kirk Steudle (STIGH-Duhl) says the quicker they
know about where potholes are forming, the sooner they're patched. However he
adds that patching them won't last, but will help get through until warmer
weather returns.
Motorists in Michigan can report potholes on state highways in three ways:
calling the Pothole Hotline at 888-296-4546; going online at
and clicking the "Report a Pothole" link in the Spotlight section or by calling
your local M-DOT Transportation Service Center or region office.
Those reporting pothole locations are asked to provide the route name (M, I or
US designation), the county, the nearest community, and the closest cross street
or interchange.
Potholes on non-state roads should be reported to local road commissions since
M-DOT does not have jurisdiction over roads that are not part of the state

(Snyder-DIA Aid-Pension Funds)
Governor Rick Snyder is reportedly proposing a plan that involves 350-million
dollars in state aid for the Detroit Institute of Arts and the citys two pension
Sources close to the governor say the plan calls for 350-million dollars over 20
years to bolster Detroits pension funds and help protect city-owned art from a
bankruptcy sale.
According to officials, Snyder met with lawmakers and proposed the state match
the 330-million dollars that nine private foundations have pledged to keep the
DIAs masterpieces off the auction block.
(24/7 News Source)

(Kent Co-Flu Deaths)
The Kent County Health Department says the H1N1 flu virus has contributed to
three recent deaths.
Two of those cases involved other medical conditions, and authorities are
waiting to find out if other conditions affected the third individual, as well.
Overall, the health department says there have been more than 400 reported flu
cases in Kent County this year. At least 26 people have been hospitalized.
The health department encourages people to get a flu shot if they have not
(WOOD, Grand Rapids)

(Novi-Elderly Woman Death-UPDATE)
A 46-year-old Novi man has been arraigned on charges in connection with the
death of his 84-year-old neighbor.
Peter Jones was charged with first-degree murder and felony murder and is
accused of killing Bernice Schauffle (SHAW-ful), whose body was found in her
home at the Country Place condominium complex on Monday. The Oakland County
Medical Examiners office determined the woman was nearly strangled and suffered
a stab wound in the neck.
Jones was ordered held without bond in the Oakland County Jail because he has
been previously convicted in two murder cases.
A preliminary exam will be held January 22. If convicted as charged, Jones faces
a life sentence without the possibility of parole.
(24/7 News Source)

(Eaton Co-Dead Dogs-UPDATE)
Lansing-area police have identified the owner of the three dead dogs found in a
dumpster in Charlotte Sunday night.
The Eaton County Sheriff's Department says the owner of the animals is an
elderly Brookfield Township woman. Deputies have also removed 15 dogs, 6 cats, 3
rabbits and a large number of birds from her home.
It's believed someone else disposed of the three dead dogs.
Investigators are waiting for the results of necropsies on the animals before
turning the case over to the Eaton County Prosecutor who will determine if there
will be any charges.
The incident is still under investigation.

(Oakland Co-IRS Scam)
Its a new scam just in time for tax season and officials say to stay skeptical.
A Farmington Hills man was swindled out of nearly four-thousand dollars by
someone claiming to be with the IRS. The man was threatened that he needed to
pay up in the form of green dot prepaid money cards or face jail time.
It wasnt until the scammers tried to get more money out of their mark that the
man became suspicious. This time the thieves pretended to be Oakland County
Sheriff Mike Bouchard.
The Sheriffs Department urges people to be skeptical of any calls demanding
(WWJ, Detroit)

(Hillsdale Co-Pocket Change Theft)
A judge has ordered a 20-year-old woman to serve jail time for stealing
two-dollars in change during a home invasion in Hillsdale County last year.
Karlissa Hawkins told the court that she and 20-year-old Autumn Deck broke into
an apartment looking for money to pay off a debt. They couldn't find a
substantial amount of cash so Hawkins took the change and used it to purchase
Hawkins pleaded guilty last month to one count of attempted second-degree home
The judge ordered her to serve 90-days in jail and pay court costs. She also was
placed on probation for three years.
(24/7 News Source)

(Thur Lottery)
Tonight's (Fri) Mega Millions jackpot is worth $41 (m) million dollars.
The winning numbers for the Midday 3 lottery on Thursday were: 6-0-2.
The winning numbers for the Midday 4 lottery were: 6-1-6-3.
The winning numbers for the Evening 3 lottery were: 3-8-1.
The winning numbers for the evening 4 lottery were: 6-8-2-1.
The winning numbers for the Fantasy 5 lottery were: 01-16-30-31-36.
The winning numbers for the Keno lottery were: 02, 03, 04, 10, 13, 19, 28, 29,
30, 34, 36, 38, 47, 53, 54, 55, 61, 62, 67, 69, 74, 75.
Saturday's Classic Lotto jackpot is projected to be one-point-nine (m) million

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