Staff Changes in Rogers City
Wed, 29 Nov 2017 16:29:21 EST

Rogers City Council members recently approved of a plan to save on pension legacy costs and hire a part time worker for the water department.

Since a full time water department employee retired in February, the position has been left vacant. City Manager Joe Hefele has hesitated to fill the spot because it could have a major impact on the city pension system.

The city is working to fully finance their pension funds, and waste water treatment plant employees have been helping cover duties. But, it is felt that effort was getting stretched to the limit.

In discussion with the union, and other staff, it was decided to hire a 32 hour a week part time assistant superintendent employee for the water department. That person will have to get and maintain a license to keep their job.

Another component is the seasonal harbormaster will be allowed to continue part time work and float as needed into other public works departments.

Both of those positions will cost an additional 27-thousand ($27,000.00) in the current budget, and a cost of 51-thousand dollars ($51,000.00) will be budgeted next year.

Officials say the city will still save money as it used to cost over 73 thousand ($73, 000.00) for the retired worker.


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