No Change of Day for Big Mac Walk
Tue, 21 Nov 2017 16:11:08 EST
The Mackinac Bridge Authority has decided not to change the date of the Labor Day Mackinac Bridge Walk.

The Authority had been considering moving the day of the walk to another on Labor Day weekend, or at another time of the year altogether.

The day issue being settled, officials still haven't determined how the five mile walk will take place. Options have included walkers leaving both ends, walking to the middle, and then walking back. Other ideas include changing and streamlining bus routes, or having walkers start from the south end and be bussed back.

The bridge was closed to most vehicles during this year's walk. Only about 25,000 people took part. Many were turned away because they couldn't get in position before the walk ended.

As in the past, walkers were bussed to St. Ignace from Mackinaw City and walked back to the southern end of the bridge.

But regular traffic except for emergency or official vehicles was halted for about five hours as officials felt the walk could be an inviting target for terrorists as in other parts of the world.


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