RC Council Dampens Water Tower Offers
Wed, 22 Nov 2017 06:03:42 EST
The Rogers City Council decided to dampen the efforts of a cellular phone company to re-negotiate contracts for antenna placement on the new city water tower.

Mayor Tom Sobeck explained City Manager "Joe Hefele has been bombarded with companies" wanting to re-negotiate lease agreements. "MD-7" - A company acting on behalf of AT&T was pressuring the city to lower its annual lease price of 22-thousand dollars ($22,000.00), down to 16-thousand 300 ($16,300.00). Afterwards, the company would pay increases every five years and be able to add items on the tower as needed.

But the thought of the city losing control of its own water tower is not attractive, Sobeck saying "It's a water tower, not personal property."

It's believed the company is paid a commission on anything it can save AT&T, and the council came out and said no, in an effort to stop aggressive marketers from calling staff.

Sobeck mentioned that the city was asked to decide by the first of the year, or the company would seek a cheaper location elsewhere.

While they do have an option to opt out of the contract in three years, another company, Landmark Dividends, is interested in the site, also offering a multi year deal.


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