Road Ratings Complete for Alpena County
Thu, 05 Oct 2017 06:00:59 EDT
Road ratings, or the condition thereof, are complete in the County of Alpena, and Road Commission officials are waiting for final results.

Every few years, state and local officials drive around the county road system and rate the quality or condition of roads on a scale of one to ten. After several years of compiling data, trends can be established on road conditions and in turn, an ability to study where improvements or maintenance needs to be performed.

Managing Director Larry Orcutt previously noted that ratings of roads change, depending on maintenance activity. For example, if a road is sealcoated, then its rating is better as opposed to one that was sealcoated several years ago.

Most recent data shows just over 50 percent of county roads are in poor shape while just under 50 percent are considered fair.

But one new review being considered is rating the condition of gravel roads. Orcutt questioned that action, noting that the condition of a gravel road can change in as little as a week depending on weather, or he amount of traffic.

Orcutt saying "An effort was made in the past to try to rate gravel roads, but was discontinued".

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