My Shift Is 24 / 7  ----- 
Newsie, the WATZ news room computer is responsible for news produced here at WATZ, despite what Bruce Or April say. 
Newsie says, "Without me, local news would cease to exist. Do I ever get recognition? NO! Those darn humans can only think of themselves. Sometimes, just for fun, I like to go crazy...and feud with my neighbor...known as THE DOS, and prohibit any print activity he may try to do in a given day." Newsie adds, "DOS is not pictured here, because he's not special, like me. I AM SO BEAUTIFUL...look how shiny my screen is..." 
Newsie comes from a long line of CPU's, being a direct descendent of the 386 and Pentium II class. She enjoys paper jam sessions, corrupting files, losing data, looking at WATZ news web pages and long walks on the beach.